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Happy Birthday, D27!

Dear pandas,

Today is a day to remember! Guess what day is it? It’s D27’s birthday party! Remember her? She was (and still is) from the Panfu Cheats Team! Today she is celebrating her birthday not only in real life, but on Panfu too! She even managed to take a few pics for us and post them here on the site. How cool?! 😀

Let’s check out some of them, okay?

panfu birthday cake d27


The awesome birthday cake D27 got for her birthday – how sweet!

panfu birthday party 2013 1


Woah! That’s what I call confetti! You can’t even see your own face from them… 😉

panfu birthday party 2013 2


It sure looks like she’s having fun, doesn’t it?

panfu birthday party 2013 3


Now that’s what I call a REAL tree-house (considering she’a a non-member) on Panfu! 😀

panfu birthday party d27 age


Awesome! D27 is officialy 1385 days old now on Panfu and that is nearly 75 days away from 4 years in real life!

Happy birthday to you, D27! Hope you get posting on the site soon since we finally see you once again. I am really sorry we (Agjdf and all the other members) couldn’t make it to the celebration but we’re a little bit busy right now. We might as well see each other soon (like tomorrow or something). Best wishes!

~Agjdf (and from D27)


Kamaria’s New Years Quiz + Answers!

Hey pandas! This is the first post made by me for the day! Guess what? Today is the day when Kamaria makes her New Year’s Quiz and pandas get the chance to win a 1-month Gold Membership. Unfortunately only 3 pandas will have the chance to do so and everyone will have plenty of time to participate.

You can check out the following Panfu blog post where the official quiz is posted (by Kamaria):

And now, I will post all the questions (which are 5 by the way) here on the blog so you can see them:


1. When is Ella’s birthday?


B) 11th July
C) 1st October
D) 24th December


2. Where on Panfu do you find a unicorn?


M) at the Pony Yard
N) in the Jungle
O) in the Eerie Forest


3. How many Pokopets are available from the Pokopet catalogue?


L) 6
M) 7
N) 8


4. Where does Lili Panhung work?


K) at Chez Bruno
L) at the Beauty Salon
M) at the Hospital


5. What are the names of the aliens that landed on Panfu a long time ago?


X) E.T and E.F.
Y) Nui, Trawui and Napasapa
Z) Fred, Brainbot and Oscar


And the best part is that you can take a look at the answer key, provided by me. You can be 100% sure that it’s correct because I’m an Expert in Panfu History. 😀


1 – B)

2 – O)

3 – L)

4 – L)

5 – Y)


1. When is Ella’s birthday?

11th July – Confirmed. It has been celebrated ever since 2009 on Panfu. The posts (archives) from previous years can be seen here.

2009 –

2010 –

2011 –

2012 –


2. Where on Panfu do you find a unicorn?

 The Eerie Forest – The unicorn in Panfu can be found in the secret Eerie Forest, viewed from the Volcano’s telescope. Here’s a picture so you can be sure.

panfu pony eerie forest 2013



3. How many Pokopets are available from the Pokopet catalogue?

Six (6) – There are 6 pokopets currently in Panfu. On the cover of the official ”Pokopets” catalogue 5 of them can be spotted, but if you actually open the catalog you will notice that Marieta is missing. Other than that, there are currently no more pokopets known to pandas.

panfu pokopets 2013



4. Where does Lili Panhung work?

The Beauty Salon – This is more than confimed because she can clearly be spotted in the Beauty Salon at the current moment in Panfu. Besides, since 2008 it has been mentioned many times that she designs the clothes and designs in Panfu. Here’s a picture if you don’t believe me.

panfu lili 2013



5. What are the names of the aliens that landed on Panfu a long time ago?

Nui, Trawui and Napasapa – I cannot confirm that with a picture right now, but this has been mentioned many times before, it’s a well-known fact and I can assure you that it’s correct. You can take a look at the following few pictures and posts if you don’t believe me still.


Hope this post helped pandas! Don’t forget to comment on the post of the official Panfu Blog and good luck to all of you! 😉


Panfu’s 5th Anniversary Party!

Hey pandas! Have you recently checked the official blog on Panfu? No? Well, too bad for you! What can I say – there is lots going on right now and I really hope no one’s missing it all. You can see the news for yourself here:

That’s right! The link of the post says it all – there is a huge cake standing today in San Franpanfu and guess who else? Curley the Clown of course! The cake isn’t the only decoration too, by the way. I will show you some pictures just in a moment guys… 😉

Right now, I just want to point out a few other details mentioned in the post (from 2 days ago) on the Panfu Blog. One of them was the quiz by Kamaria that will be available starting this Friday (in other words – tomorrow). What do you suppose that is? Please comment below right now what you think about it! You have time ’til tomorrow – this one looks exciting, doesn’t it? Another great thing made just for the celebration is the fact that Panfu will give out 3 1-Month Memberships completely for FREE!

Now, would’t you want to win one yourself? This is a great reason to visit Panfu tomorrow and participate – I mean, why not?! 😀 You could atleast test yourself pandas! Okay, enough about this already. Let’s get to the point of this post here!

A Picture from San Franpanfu (as of January 3, 2012).

panfu 5th birthday 1NOTE: Click to enlarge the image please.

You can complete a ”mini-quest” by talking to Curley the Clown.

panfu 5th birthday 2

panfu 5th birthday 3

Now, I’ve enlarged the following picture, just because it contained some more important information about Panfu’s history. 😀

panfu 5th birthday 4

Curley is right – actually, Panfu is a German game that was created in Berlin, Germany (capital city of the country actually) more than 5 years ago already! Amazing, isn’t it? The game is one of the biggest virtual worlds in Europe today!

panfu 5th birthday 5

According to Curley, there is a surprise inside the huge cake standing in the middle. But what could it be? I’m not sure yet but we’ll have to find out.

panfu 5th birthday 6

Unfortunately it might take a bit more time than expected for that to happen. You’ll see why (soon).

panfu 5th birthday 7

panfu 5th birthday 8

Well… ummm, this is kind of stupid. Waiting 2 days once again? Guess what pandas – there’s a bar (once again) to fill and you ALL have to help! I am not against that in any way, but it seems a bit repeative? We’ve seen it way too many times before!

panfu 5th birthday 9

NOTE: The bar is currently at 69% (percent) but also note that this was taken 1 day after the actual counting began!

There’s good news though! Just listen to Curley continue:

panfu 5th birthday 10

Interesing… Why don’t we head to the Castle Tower pandas? Something might be there waiting for us already! 😉 But before that – I almost forgot to mention that the Castle and the City are decorated too!

panfu 5th birthday castle

Ahhh, Kamaria… Nice as always.

panfu 5th birthday castle 1

panfu 5th birthday castle 2

Here comes the best part – the present!

panfu 5th birthday castle 3

panfu 5th birthday castle 4

Pretty neat actually! A balloon – why not?

panfu 5th birthday castle present

It might be a simple gift, but that’s not important! It’s important at what even you got it. It’s more than an honour to take away this wonderful balloon from Panfu’s 5th Anniversary!

panfu 5th birthday castle present  profile

panfu 5th birthday castle present  balloon


And although this post was fairly long, I still haven’t forgotten the City in Panfu! Here’s a picture of it guys:

panfu 5th birthday city


That’s it for now pandas! Hope you have fun in the next few days (with your friends) celebrating the 5th anniversary of Panfu! Hope you have plenty of unforgettable and good moments in the new year – 2013! Let’s do it together pandas – blow the candles and see what’s inside the cake! 😀


Happy New Year! [2013]

Hello pandas! I am happy to say that this is the team’s first ever post in the New Year of 2013! Forget about the old 2012 already – we got a new year ahead of us now, don’t we? It’s time to celebrate the last year for last though…

Panfu organized a cool party in the Ballroom just for you guys! You should definetily check it out! I even had the time to take some pictures guys. Where were they? Oh, yes… Here you go:

new year panfu 2012


The picture clearly depicts the Panfu Castle (as of the present day) outside.

new year panfu bodyguard


Seems like there is a job for Bouncer the bodyguard once again – letting in the right pandas for the party! 😉

new year panfu bodyguard 1


new year panfu bodyguard 2


new year panfu bodyguard 3


Don’t forget to follow the last tip pandas – have fun! 😀

new year panfu ballroom 2012


Finally – you pandas saw the great Ballroom made especially for this great day! The last day of 2012 and the first day of 2013. Here’s a bonus one for you:

new year panfu ballroom 2012 1


There will be many new changes and surprises in the new year of 2013 so be ready guys! Let the best year so far begin! 😀

Good luck and best wishes to all! More pictures with the team coming soon (tomorrow probably).

~The Panfu Cheats Team

The Panfu Cheats Team – Statistics 2012!

Hey pandas! It’s the whole team (finally) here! We are just making this ”quick” post before the New Year starts! That’s right – 2012 has finally come to it’s end and we’re proud of all the work we did on the blog this year! Let’s take a look at our current stats and major achievements of this year! 😀


  4. BONUS


In terms of views, we did great this year! We finally reached 20k + (20,000 views + ) just about a month before our 2-year celebration of the site! Our current hits-counter displays an astonishing amount of 26 328 views and counting! Isn’t that great?! Thank you so much guys! We have reached this since the site opened back in October 13, 2010 – more than two years ago but still a great amount!

January 2012 – 1762 views

February 2012 – 1115 views

March 2012 – 1185 views

April 2012 – 1566 views

May 2012 – 1036 views

June 2012 – 1647 views

July 2012 – 2429 views

August 2012 – 2278 views

September 2012 – 1851 views

October 2012 – 1367 views

November 2012 – 1147 views

December 2012 – 856 views


1520 views / month

351 views / week

50 views / day



We did reach plenty of followers on the site too and although it is a very small amount compared to other sites – it is still a big achievement for us (personally). As of today, we have around 9 followers – 4 followers and 5 Email followers. Thanks to the following people:


Body & Mind




Thanks once again guys! We expect more in the future (and next year of course)! 😉


Ever since this blog was created it’s been getting a fair amount of comments. This has been something very important for the site, especially since February 2011 and it still is! Don’t forget that commenting and giving positive/negative feedback and opinions on the site is just as important as viewing and liking posts! But let’s get to actual stats now, okay?

As of today the site has a total amount of 665 comment, of which:

  • 534 from other countries (except for Bulgaria)
  • 403 approved from around the world
  • 131 comments spammed (unfortunately)

NOTE: We are calculating the amount of approved and spammed comments!

If we add up the comments from the emails we get frequently, they would surely turn out to be more than 750!

4. Bonus

This is a bonus point of the ”Table of Contents”. It includes a statistic that some (or most) may find interesting or atleast be pleased to take a look at.  The following is a list of people who viewed us from certain countries all over the globe! Let’s look at them please:


Country Views
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 5,426
United States FlagUnited States 2,328
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 801
Australia FlagAustralia 610
Germany FlagGermany 541
Finland FlagFinland 483
Ireland FlagIreland 452
Sweden FlagSweden 426
Canada FlagCanada 345
Romania FlagRomania 314
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 294
Poland FlagPoland 275
Belgium FlagBelgium 197
Norway FlagNorway 188
France FlagFrance 179
Egypt FlagEgypt 146
India FlagIndia 140
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 112
Denmark FlagDenmark 98
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 94
Bulgaria FlagBulgaria 93
Mexico FlagMexico 83
Argentina FlagArgentina 74
Brazil FlagBrazil 71
Spain FlagSpain 71
Serbia FlagSerbia 68
Austria FlagAustria 64
Estonia FlagEstonia 61
Georgia FlagGeorgia 57
Bahrain FlagBahrain 55
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 55
Singapore FlagSingapore 54
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 53
Japan FlagJapan 53
Morocco FlagMorocco 52
Qatar FlagQatar 52
Israel FlagIsrael 51
Turkey FlagTurkey 50
Lithuania FlagLithuania 42
Italy FlagItaly 40
Colombia FlagColombia 39
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 37
Philippines FlagPhilippines 36
Jordan FlagJordan 35
Peru FlagPeru 32
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 29
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 28
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 25
Slovenia FlagSlovenia 25
Pakistan FlagPakistan 24
Chile FlagChile 23
Latvia FlagLatvia 23
Portugal FlagPortugal 23
Cambodia FlagCambodia 18
Lebanon FlagLebanon 17
Slovakia FlagSlovakia 17
Malta FlagMalta 16
Algeria FlagAlgeria 16
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 14
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 14
Armenia FlagArmenia 14
Virgin Islands, U.S. FlagVirgin Islands 13
Isle of Man FlagIsle of Man 12
Croatia FlagCroatia 12
Iceland FlagIceland 12
Tunisia FlagTunisia 12
Brunei Darussalam FlagBrunei Darussalam 11
Libya FlagLibya 11
Ukraine FlagUkraine 11
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica 10
Viet Nam FlagViet Nam 10
Guatemala FlagGuatemala 10
El Salvador FlagEl Salvador 10
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina 9
Greece FlagGreece 9
Cyprus FlagCyprus 8
Hungary FlagHungary 8
Ecuador FlagEcuador 7
Mauritius FlagMauritius 7
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 7
Syrian Arab Republic FlagSyrian Arab Republic 7
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 6
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 5
Thailand FlagThailand 5
Honduras FlagHonduras 5
Kuwait FlagKuwait 4
Uruguay FlagUruguay 4
Trinidad and Tobago FlagTrinidad and Tobago 3
Iraq FlagIraq 3
Bolivia FlagBolivia 3
Jamaica FlagJamaica 3
Virgin Islands, British FlagBritish Virgin Islands 3
Nigeria FlagNigeria 3
Dominican Republic FlagDominican Republic 3
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of FlagMacedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 3
Kenya FlagKenya 2
Andorra FlagAndorra 2
Moldova, Republic of FlagMoldova 2
Paraguay FlagParaguay 2
Panama FlagPanama 2
Jersey FlagJersey 2
Liechtenstein FlagLiechtenstein 2
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka 2
Åland Islands FlagÅland Islands 1
Netherlands Antilles FlagNetherlands Antilles 1
Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan 1
Palestinian Territory, Occupied FlagPalestinian Territory, Occupied 1
Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico 1
Belarus FlagBelarus 1
Oman FlagOman 1

Those are visitors from 110 different countries which is awesome for a site like mine, don’t you think? 😀

5. Overall

Last but not least, it’s time to present the final results of the research – statistic and make a conclusion. I’ve decided (starting this year) to create a way of calculating the ”score” of my blog/site. It’s pretty simple actually – I will test it out now.

Panfu Blog Score = (A Views + A Followers + A Comments) / 3

A Views = Amount of Views

A Followers = Amount of Followers

A Comments = Amount of Comments


Panfu Blog Score = (26328 + 9 + 665) / 3 = 27002 / 3 = 9000.66 or ~9001

NOTE: My Panfu Blog Score this year is EXACTLY one (1) over nine thousand!!! xD


Anyway, thanks for everything pandas! This was it for this year! I will make a few more updates to the site today and a few more posts, so this is NOT the last one for today. Don’t worry! See you soon guys! 😉

~The Panfu Cheats Team

Panfu Gold Panda Day – 28 December, 2012!

Hey pandas! You heard right – today there’s a GPD (abbreviation for Gold Panda Day) on Panfu! It’s awesome – you can use all the Gold Panda functions and have fun more than ever (just for today though)! Here are some pictures I took in my free time. Today was a pretty busy day for me, by the way. 😉

panfu-gold-panda-day-1 (1)


Remember this? It pops up every time you enter Panfu today! 😀

new years gift panfu 1


Also, don’t forget to check out the Item Machine today. You WILL be surprised!

new years gift panfu 2


Guess what you’ve received this time? A golden horse shoe of course! A special New Year’s gift in fact…

But that’s all I got for you pandas at the moment. I’m sorry but maybe the next Gold Panda Day I’ll have time for more pictures and fun with friends on Panfu! See you soon pandas and have happy holidays! 😀


P.S. – If you haven’t noticed this is the last Gold Panda Day for this year (2012) so make the best of it!

Help the Panfu Wiki!

Hello pandas! This is agjdf speaking! I have a new announcement for you – I’ve recently checked the Panfu Wiki (since my return 2 days ago) and noticed that it’s worse than before! Yeah, that’s right… it’s getting worse and worse every time I check. There are a lot of unnecessary and spammed articles that need to be removed. There is also only a total of 68 pages on the Wiki since it was created back in April 2009.

It causes me great pain when I see the Panfu Wiki in this terrible condition each time I visit it. But there is something WE (pandas) can do about it! I need your help guys and we need to do this together! I can’t do this by myself and alone and you have to understand that. We can do this only together, so here are some tips that I can give you so you don’t mess up everything when you’re trying to help! 😉

  1. First of all, you can go there and look at the already-created articles at the Wiki. If there are any unnecessary or spammed articles I highly recommend you mark them as a candidate for deletion or edit them yourself.
  2. To edit an article you don’t even need to register! Just click on the ”Edit” button somewhere on the top and start doing the job.
  3. To properly edit the article I recommend:
  • You first start off with the name (no matter if it’s about a room, a character or game). It’s a good idea that the name is in ”bold font” letters and that there is more information about it at the start of the article.
  • Then, it’s also highly recommended that you continue with some short and important information about the place or character (the thing that the place/character is most-well known with) or something of that kind.
  • Continue with creating a ”History” section in the article page and start writing what you know about it. Please use formal language and words! This is an encyclopedia and not an informal text (keep that in mind).
  • The article should continue with some other information about the place or character (like where can it be found, where is it, other rooms and objects around it and etc). Don’t forget that this might also be included in the ”Trivia” section of the page!
  • Finally, don’t forget to not only write formally but to use proofread writing to check your text before publishing! You don’t see any grammar mistakes in Wikipedia now, do you? Don’t forget to add a gallery (optional) at the end of the page (just for fun perhaps).

Another thing you can do to improve the Wiki is to just upload pictures or music on to it. That is some pretty valuable information too and it will be much appreciated too! In fact, even paying a visit to the wiki once in a while is still something and a lot better than doing nothing!

Remember: this wiki is not official and you’re doing it for yourself pandas! You are also helping other pandas a lot by doing this so keep that in mind when thinking on giving up! I really expect for this post to get a little bit more notice and for pandas to actually appreciate the information given and follow it as pointed above. Thanks for reading pandas! More information coming soon… Keep up the good work!



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