Max & Ella

How Max and Ella met (told by Kamaria)

Max and Ella met in 2007. Max and Ella had noticed each other, but never dared to say something. When Ella had lost her red bolly Sweetie and hung up posters saying she was looking for her all over Panfu, Max saw his chance and decided to find Sweetie.

He bought bolly fruits to lure Sweetie out of her hiding-place with and Ella bought bolly chocolate for the same purpose. While Max was searching for Sweetie, he dropped a fruit. At the same time, Ella cheered herself up with some of the chocolate and dropped the wrapping on the ground without noticing. Max found the chocolate wrapping and Ella found the bolly fruit and it dawned upon them both that someone must have kidnapped Sweetie! But where could this villain be?! In the darkest place of Panfu – the Scary Forest, of course!

Max and Ella dashed to the Scary Forest to rescue Sweetie and quite right, on a green meadow was sat Sweetie. Ella lit up with happiness and Max rubbed his hands… From different sides of some bushes, they started sneaking towards the meadow, holding the rest of their bolly food in front of them. Both came out of the bushes at the same time and saw… each other! Ella saw the bolly fruit in Max’s hands and Max saw the bolly chocolate in Ella’s. They remembered their findings and understood that they had been looking for the same thing, going in circles around each other! They smiled at each other and then looked down at that thing they had been looking for, Sweetie. But she was not alone! She was playing with another bolly, a black one!! And they were obviously having fun. The bollys seemed so happy together!

Now everything became clear – Sweetie had seen the black bolly from the Volcano and had taken off to make friends with him! Max adopted the black bolly and gave him the name Tuffy. Since that day all four of them are great friends and they especially love long walks to that meadow in the Scary Forest!

Love & Peace,


Which Bolly are you?

Complete this simple test to find out which Bolly you most resemble :D

What is a Bolly??
Bollys are small, friendly pets that are easy to cuddle! Panfu Pandas have Bollys as their pets. They are small, soft animals that Penny Panda brought back from her adventures in South America. Each Gold Panda may adopt their own Bolly! To do this, go to the pet shop and choose your bolly! (They cost 2500 Panda coins which you can earn by playing games). A bolly is a good pet because it is a loyal and entertaining friend! :)

There are five different kinds of Bolly, each has its own colour (red,greenblack, blue and pink), and its very own distint personality! Complete the quiz below to determine which Bolly is most like you ;)

1. What do you prefer doing on a Friday evening?
♣: Dance! I love playing games and having fun
♥: Just hanging out with my friends, watching a movie and chilling
►: I would like to go on a romantic date, but I am too shy to ask…
☼: Go bowling or minigolfing! But I hate to lose…
♫: Staying up late and playing with torches in my little pillow house

2. Where is your favourite place in Panfu?
►: The farm
♥: The beach
♫: The jungle
♣: The swimming pool
☼: The race track

3. What do you do when you hang out with your friends?
☼: Play sports or blow bubbles
♫: Come up with tricks to fool our parents, circus tricks
►: Go for coffee and cake
♥: Talk for hours, listen to music and just have a good time
♣: Play games, inside or outside, and laugh a lot

4. What characteristics describe you the best?
☼: I like when things happen quickly, otherwise I get a bit impatient and moody
♣: I smile almost all the time and simply take things as they come
♥: I am relaxed and calm
♫: I can be a bit cheeky (but actually I just want to cuddle)
►: I am nice and friendly, but sometimes also a bit shy

5. What is your favourite sport?
♥: Sailing or tennis
♫: Dancing or wrestling
►: Swimming or horseback riding
☼: Judo or ice hockey
♣: Skateboarding or soccer

6. What is your motto?
►: Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself
♫: First a trick, then a treat
☼: It’s fun to be number one
♣: Keep smiling!
♥: Take it easy


Count what symbol you got the most of to see what bolly you are!

The symbol I got the most was ♫

The symbol I got the most was ♥
The symbol I got the most was ☼
The symbol I got the most was ►
The symbol I got the most was ♣

Why does the Panfu Gold Package cost money????

Dear Max & Ella,

Why does the Panfu Gold Package cost money? Couldn’t it be for free?


Eurette, hello!

Thanks for your question.

The Panfu Team would love to give the Panfu Gold Package to all pandas for free, but you see, there are many people at the Panfu headquarters who work very hard so that Panfu is a fun place for you to visit.

These hard-working people need to make some money for their hard work, of course, so we have to charge a little bit for the Panfu Gold Package.

Take a look at some of the friendly faces working hard at the Panfu headquarters for you!

The Panfu Team have tried to price the package so it’s not too expensive. Plus, you get to experience many more fun things with the Panfu Gold Package.

  • Purchase cool clothes and style your panda
  • Adopt a small pet and learn to look after it
  • Upgrade and furnish your very own tree-house
  • Be the first to visit exciting new worlds and explore new areas in Panfu
  • Gain exclusive access to learning Spanish through fun learning

Don’t you think it’s worth it?

Ella and Max


Panda – a precious and endangered animal

Dear Pandas:

I was amazed once more by your knowledge and care for the environment and people in need. I am so proud of you and it is such an honor to read your wonderful comments with good advices and suggestions on how to save water and help people. Thanks to all of you for participating in the conversation and hopefully we have taught something new to the other little pandas.

Today, I would like to write about something dear to all of our hearts – Pandas! Do you know that Panda is one of most endangered animal on the planet? The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and is one of the world’s most threatened animals.  It is has been a symbol for one of the most recognized organization in the world for animal welfare – The World Wide Life since its founding in 1961 (see:  There are only about 2,500 of them living in the nature and a few lives in zoos such as the San Diego Zoo. (

Why are there only so few Pandas left? You probably could have guessed from the previous articles that the greatest threat to nature is ….. ourselves! Yes, yes, it is sad, but unfortunately human being is guilty of most problems. The main reason for the Panda extinction is loss of habitat due to human activities such as road buildings that lead to deforestation. In addition, can you imagine there are also people that will hunt the panda for its furs? Sadly, it happens.   Panda is very special also because it is very difficult to have baby pandas due to its natural low fertility but high mortality rate. So every baby panda conceived and born are like miracles.

Just look at this picture of a baby panda. It is about a week old. Most pandas only weigh about 75-150 grams when they are born. Of course, we all know with time, the weight goes up to much higher. ;) Although panda is a prey animal but it feeds itself almost exclusively with bamboo shoots. Can you guess how much bamboo shoots it need to eat on a given day? For adult pandas, they can eat up to 40 pounds of bamboo! Can you imagine such a number? I’d probably burst or turned into a balloon and flew above the clouds.  The reason why pandas need to eat that much bamboo is because the bamboo shoots do not contain too many nutrients so they had to eat a lot to grow. And to be able to eat that much in a day, panda spends a minimum of 12 hours a day eating! So chances are when you spot a panda in the wild or at the zoo, it will be chewing on a bamboo shoot. :)

Now that you have learned a bit more about pandas, I want to hear your thoughts about panda or any other endangered species that you care deeply about.  Maybe you can suggest ways that we can live our lives without harming the nature and the animals that we share the planet with.

I look forward to read your comments. :D

Love and peace,

Your Kamaria


Panfu Cares

My dear little pandas:

SocialResp2I have often read your comments on the blog where you showed compassion and care for the world we live in.  Many of you have shared your opinions on the interaction between the human being, the wildlife and the planet we live in.  I found the need to have a special place in the blog to have a conversation with all your pandas and hopefully we can inspire each other to care. So here is the start of our new blog series that will simply be known as “Panda Cares”.  We want the world we live in to be a friendly and enjoyable place like the world we have in Panfu. So from now on, I will write to you about issues that are on my mind and I welcome your comments on other areas that you care deeply about.  Now, let me get to something that has been on my mind.

The Oil Spill

I am sure you all have heard about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The tragedy started on April 20 when a big oil rig owned by a company called BP exploded during oil extraction. Since then about 1 million gallons of oil has been spilling into the Gulf area every day! It has become the single worst environmental disaster in the history for the United States.

A map detailing the oil spill is here for you to see the devasting effect it has on the coastline.

Oil Spill Map

What does all the red box on the map meant for the wildlife living in the area? Devastation! Almost 2,000 wildlife such as birds, turtles and dolphins are found dead in the spill area. The explosion was an accident but it is still sad that so many lives are lost. Unfortunately, we cannot turn back the time to undo the damage to our environment. It seems that the company BP and the government is doing many things to help clean up the mess but I wonder if they could have done things to prevent this accident from happening in the beginning as this was not the first oil spill.

Back in 1989, before many of you are born, a similar thing happened in the coast of Alaska. That time, thousands of animals died immediately and scientists later estimated that as many as 250,000 seabirds, at least 2,800 sea otters, 300 harbor seals and billions of salmon and herring eggs were lost. The worst part for you to know is that the Alaska oil spill is actually the smallest in terms of crude oil spill compared to other major oil spills. Alaska spill lost about 32 million gallons and the ongoing oil spill is already being estimated at 336 million gallons. Can you imagine the damage to the environment and the wildlife being 10 times worse? I wish someone has learned from our past mistakes and I certainly hope the current oil spill will teach all of us something.

Panfu All Around the WorldWe all need oil in our life but what are things that we can do to prevent disaster like this from happening? How can we as little pandas help in such big problems? I believe small things can have huge impact. I want to hear about your ideas on how we can help prevent another oil spill from happening. Perhaps we can consider use less oil, or we can study hard to find ways to minimize the impact of oil spill, or we can write letters to oil companies to ask them to be more careful with their operations.  Whatever is on your mind, I want to hear your thoughts. Leave us your opinion or your questions here. Feel free to discuss this with your parents and friends and come back share your conversations with them with all the pandas here.

Love and peace

Your Kamaria




Panfu Cares “Water” – something not to be taken for granted

My dear little Pandas:

I was so happy to read all your wonderful comments about the oil spill. I hope we as Pandas will be doing good things in the real world. Many of you have suggested some awesome ideas such as writing to the oil company, having policy not to drill in the ocean, using product with less oil and many more. Keep up with these thoughts and turn them into reality. Remember, small steps can make a huge difference. :)

So, how is your summer so far? Are you finding ways to stay out of the heat? Perhaps you jumped into a swimming pool, chewed some ice cubes, or had a water balloon fight with friends? To do all these fun things, you will require clean water. Most of you will think that clean water is just a matter of fact and it is just there. It is there when we simply turn on the faucet in our home, but for millions around the world, in fact, 900 million people worldwide lack access to clean water. About half of these millions of people are children and sadly more than 4,000 kids die every day due to a water related disease! Water we take for granted and enjoy everyday can become deadly when it is dirty. You probably do not think much about clean water but access to clean water does more than just save lives, it can turn lives around.  Having clean water will ensure health and making sure kids can go to school and move on with better things in life than having to battle recurring illness.

I happen to know that in the United States, an organization called UNICEF has started a project called TAP to raise awareness and money to provide access to safe water and sanitation facilities  all around the world. Here is a great video that describes the project and as you can see they have set some amazing goals. To achieve these goals, I think each one of us will have to participate.

Now, tell me what can we do as little Pandas to help out UNICEF to raise awareness about water? UNICEF is working with restaurants all across America to raise money but can you think of other ways that can educate people about the global water crisis and raise money at the same time?

If we think together and work together, then soon someday, kids in Haiti (and everywhere) will be able to enjoy a water ballon fight like they did in this video.




Back to school for fun not bullying

Dear Pandas:

Time flies by and I am sure you have noticed that you are approaching the end of your summer holiday. As you start packing for school, are you excited to be heading back? Are you looking forward to hanging out with friends and engaging in some interesting learning in school? Back to school is a joyous time and I hope you are getting ready for it. Unfortunately, there are some children who do not enjoy the beginning of the new school year! And it’s not because they do not like to learn but rather there is something they have to face in their school that keeps them afraid of it. It is about violence in school and I’m not talking just about physical violence, but also psychological violence!

Have you ever been the subject of ridicule where people give you nicknames that you do not like? Or does everyone try to push you out of the way when you walk by the hallways? Or worse, you have nowhere to sit during lunch and no one to play with in the playground. We wish schools were a happy and friendly place like Panfu, but unfortunately mean things can happen sometimes in schools. It is sadly becoming quite common to pick on people that look a little different or come from a different place. Or sometimes you just get picked on for no apparent reason! But do not feel like you are alone or that there is no way out of it. Do you know that even famous people like Miley Cyrus went through bullying in school? You can read about how she copes with it and now she is an international superstar!

Now, I want to give some practical advice about what to do when you feel like you are being bullied. First thing to remember is do not be afraid to talk about this problem with your parents, teacher or friends.  Also, you can learn to stand up for yourself and be brave. Understand that it is okay to be different and that you are a cool person no matter what others say or do. Look to those for help that show kindness and find comfort in them.  There are so many ways to fight against bullying and I would love to hear how you have dealt with it since I know you are all very brave and smart.

If you are reading this and have been the person that was mean to someone, think again before you do it. What you think might just be a silly joke can hurt someone’s feeling very deeply. There are sad cases where kids simply cannot take the bullying anymore and stopped going to school. It saddens me very much when I think about little pandas not able to learn in school because of other kids’ mean behaviors.

Even if you are not the person that is being mean but you have seen others doing it, please try to help the person that is being bullied. A little helping hand or a few kind words can really go a long way. It shows great character on your part as it means you are a person of great compassion. So Pass it On!

I want you to all remember that we are all equally valuable: it does not matter whether you are fat or thin, rich or poor, with glasses, speak with an accent, dress differently or have braces………. Do not forget that the world is so wonderful because it is rich in diversity! The diversity is what makes each of us unique and one of a kind. We all have some hidden talents, small or large and the best talent of all is a kind heart.

Remember “Treat others as you would like to be treated”
Love & Peace
Your Kamaria


These are some exclusives that I found during researches of Panfu and these videos,text and stuff are found and taken by Panfu.I don’t really know why I call them exclusives but they might be not available in the future or other stuff…So I decided to put them here where they’l be safe!:D

-The Panfu Cheats Team


14 Responses to “Exclusives”

  1. 1 yasmin February 23, 2011 at 10:21 am

    why is panfu always being being offline cos when ever i go on it it always says sorry pangu will be back in a couple of mins but it lasts a whole day and can i have a months free gold package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz plz it is so boring not being able to do gold panda stuff!!!!!1

    • 2 agjdf February 23, 2011 at 5:12 pm

      That was only for a short period of time.Panfu is up now and there’s a Gold Panda Day this Friday.Have fun!:D

    • 3 agjdf February 23, 2011 at 5:15 pm

      So you’re looking for membership,dude.Well I can’t give you,but I can give you free member accounts for Panfu.Message me on YouTube(I am ThePanfuNews) and I will give you some.;D

  2. 4 laura June 16, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    i love panfu it is the best website ever

  3. 6 hooher tod September 6, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

  4. 7 baltimore cruises October 3, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    “People need loving the most when they deserve it the least.” ~ John Harrigan

  5. 8 cruises out of baltimore October 3, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    “Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

  6. 9 baltimore cruises October 9, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    “To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.” ~ Alphonse de Lamartine

  7. 10 babeypandaX1 July 2, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    could u atleast have a goldpanda day sometime this week it is so annoying to not be a goldpanda not even for a day p.s i remember once when you could be a baby panda even if you werent a goldpanda why did you change it?

    • 11 agjdf July 3, 2012 at 9:20 am

      Who are you referring to in this dialogue.
      I am clearly not responsible for these problems you listed above.
      I do NOT work for the Panfu Team and can’t help you.Sorry.I am a different organization and company.I don’t have anything to do with the official team or anything. 🙂


  8. 12 vanessarose1 March 23, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    I was wondering, Why does Panfu have time for the public chat box, I get a bit annoyed by that cuz i have school and so much work during the day, And than when i play panfu in the evening, I can’t chat freely with my friends!!! Panfu is a terirific game and i love playing it but i wish it didnt have time for the public chat and although it does, Why??

  9. 13 vanessarose1 March 23, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    And can u plzzz tell me when the next free membership day will be?

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    Awesome post.

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