Hello pandas! This is one of the newest pages of The Panfu Cheats Team Site/Blog. And we really hope you like it,as well as it turns out one of the most exciting pages of here for a time.It will be a page in which for the first time users can edit and say their ideas,too.We hope you like it once again and have fun here.;D

The Panfu History Book

Welcome to the first book ever written by TPCT.It is not a ”book” exactly if we have to look as in its literal meaning but something like a chronology of the Panfu events in time discribed by panda historians and experts,as well as archaeologists.And here we go…

NOTE: The events are described and written from the past until the future in a particular order,this is a chronology book after all,right?

I.The Gingerbread Man at Panfu(2009)

II.Panfu’s 2nd Anniversary(2009)

1.The News and Decorations

Panfu’s 2nd Anniversary Party was pronounced on December 4th,and was from December 9th until December 11th.It was Panfu’s 2nd celebration party and it was in the Castle,outside and inside.The castle outside had a big banner saying ”Happy Anniversary Panfu!”,and was filled with snow,it was winter already.The whole way up to the Ballroom wasn’t decorated but the ballroom had some small decorations,later including a big cake and a panda on top of it with a red party hat with orange dots.The cake spelled ”Happy Anniversary” and there was a big ”2” number on the left of the panda.The panda along with the cake were put in a big plate,too.The panda cake wasn’t there only for decoration-if you clicked on it,it would throw a party hat that you could pick,wear and later keep.The hat looked like a cake,and had 2 candles on top.There was a small sign on it that again said ”Happy Anniversary” but couldn’t be seen without opening the panda’s profile.The hat was very funny looking and was a big surprise to later newbies who missed the party and saw it for the first time.The same hat was given on the 1st Anniversary of Panfu,in 2008 but it was a little more oval,or had a spiral form,by 15-20%.

This here is a picture of the cake given on that day at the Ballroom:


The cake was really big.It’s diameter was 94 inches by 58 inches,which would make an area,using the following mathermatical equation:

S = 94 inches x 58 inches = 5452 square inches,which is a really big area for a cake

The panfu party hat from that day featured a cake too but with a far more smaller diameter and area-9 inches by 14 inches:

S = 9 inches x 14 inches = 126 square inches,which is a very far smaller area for a cake than the real one

2.Panfu’s History a While After The Party

After the party ended Panfu started to slighly change until the big changes in 2010/2011 striked.In the beginning January-April 2010 there wasn’t such a big change but after that,there was.Although we have to mark that on the 21st October 2009, a while before the party some major changes like the big player card update or the building of the Lake ocurred.They weren’t as big as the changes after but however…And now,if we get back during the party we would probably notice the Gingerbread Man already arrived and the same days of the party he was hiding only in the Castle.That was a really a little not over planned idea but anyways.The Gingerbread Man was a good idea that occured before the big period of changes in Panfu,so we are right again!If we were asked to specify the period of time or atleast point it out,then it would probably be between May 2010 and October 2011.That is a big period and panda historicians have a feeling that a new one will occur as soon as 2012 starts…Overall,the party and about half a year after it were one of the best times in Panfu History for most of the pandas atleast.

III.The Summer Sports Events 2011

1.The Panfu Sports Field

The Sports Field on Panfu is a room that excists from a really long time now.Some say it was one of the first rooms build when Panfu opened;but the most popular theory is that it was built long time ago and was already done 1 day before the opening of Panfu.No one really knows,Panfu doesn’t really have a line diagram of the events nor any old pandas from 2007/2008.But anyways,the Panfu Sports Field is about 24-25 metres wide and 14-15 metres long.If we have to go through mathematical formulas it’s area is:

S = 25 metres x 15 metres = 375 square metres,+25 metres from the land = 400 square metres(total area of Sports Field including Sports Gym)

There has been Sports Events in this area of Panfu since 2008 until 2011.One of the events that has always been one no matter what is playing football.The first event was  April 28th 2008 and the latest(for now) was September 14th 2011.Events have been happening in Panfu for quite a long time,even on the Sports Field,and most of them are sport games.One of them will be discribed in a moment.Now we will tell you a little about a bulding just on the far right corner of the field.

The Sports Gym,often reffered to as just ”Gym” is a 45 feet tall building that is measured and according to panda constructors it weight approximetily 1104 pounds or half a ton(500 kilograms).It has been there since the same day the Sports Field was built.It is full of  sports equipment and has a small room inside,simular to a red field and you can play a game on it,called ”Hot Boom”.Technically the name actually means the thing you do in the game.There must be atleast 3 pandas so the game can start.There is a red circle at the middle  dividing the field into 2 parts(the field is actually a basketball field).From that red circle a bomb is launched and then you have 40 seconds to throw it to some other panda.If you don’t toss it ’till 40 seconds you will blow and black smoke will raise,then your panda player gets nude and basically his head turns red-it’s a funny animation!The rules are easy-if you throw the bomb to someone else he will blow,if you don’t-YOU blow up.The game is pretty fun and was actually most popular at 2 dates: when it opened along with the gym and a day in 2009 in which pandas would have to play the game in order to warm up and get parachutes to jump from the Volcano(nobody yet featured this day,thought we were there on it and remember it still).

2.Panfu Summer Sports Events 2011

The events were officially launched on the 14th of September,although they were announced as of 12th of September.They were probably the biggest events ’till now in Panfu History as in Sports only!Everyday in a week of 5 days pandas would have to go and do a daily sport challenge to win a medal,at the end according to the number of medals you would get a prize in exchange for them.

The first discipline was high diving,you would have to go on it first to the Sports Field and get information from the coach-Mr.Sporty(as well as all the other days).After instructions you would go to the Swimming Pool and dive in 5 times to get the medal.The medal will be approved right after going to see Mr.Sporty again.

The second discipline was trampoline jumping,after getting information you would go to the Lake and win 500 point on the game ”Funniest Jumper”.To get your medal approved you have to go and see Mr.Sporty again.

The third discipline was water sliding,you would have to go to the Lake again after instructions from Mr.Sporty and slide 5 times after pumping air into a tire to use it,on the coast.Your medals will be approven after seeing Mr.Sporty.

The fourth discipline was cloud jumping,you would have to go to the Jungle after instructions and get to play the game ”Cloud Number 9 ” there.You would then try to get 1000+ points to win the medal,after being approved from the coach again,Mr Sporty.

The final fifth discipline was hitting targets,you would have to go and get instructions from Mr.Sporty,then go in the Jungle and hit atleast 5 moving targets to get the final 5th medal and it being approved by Mr.Sporty.Then he would have calculate your medals and give you a prize according to this table of awarding:

1.1 medal-Certificate for Participation(Tree Item)

2.2 medals-1st prize+Trophy(Tree Item)

3.3 medals-*SAME AS 2 MEDALS*

4.4 medals-*SAME AS 3 MEDALS*

5.5 medals-1st,2nd,3rd and 4th prize+A Special Sports Background(Player Item)

The events were really fun and a big change in Panfu Sports Events since then.

IV.The Arrival of Napasapa in Panfu(2011)

1. Description of the Spaceship and Alien

On October 5th a spaceship landed in Panfu.It was about 15 times the size of a panda and was something really unusual happening in Panfu.The mystery guest,which turned out to be Napasapa,the son of Nui and Trawui,came for a visit on Panfu.Also,a week before we could visit the ship,on the 28th September,Prof. Bookworm built a special space suit which with he explained that if it wasn’t worn during transportation into the ship chances are 80% the panda will be cut into millions of pieces and never be recovered.We had to wait one week and on October 5th,as I mentioned earlier, we could go to the ship finally.

To enter we needed to say the secret keyword which turned out to be the aliens name: ”Napasapa”.The alien talked to us and transported us using a special transportation device under the spaceship.When we got to the ship,we were very amazed of its design,furniture and especially Napasapa!He was standing towards a big monitor that wasn’t working for some reason.The whole spaceship was filled with oxygen and helium because that was the only way everybody can stand the anti-gravity there and also helped Napasapa to breath.There was also a big metal eye in the spaceship,called Iris.It really helped Napasapa but wasn’t very welcome and kind to pandas.Some of us accidentily throwed waterbombs at her and she got mad everytime,striking us with a thunderbolt.There were some interesting furniture there too,including especially a teleportation door from which we came into the spaceship.The teleportator had something like a radius of 2-3 metres(200-300 centimetres).Also it would teleport you on the way back not to the Volcano but to a random place in the region of Panfu-anything except quest rooms.It was really a unique ship and fun place to stay and hang out with friends.

2.Napasapa’s Stay in Panfu

Napasapa stayed in Panfu for only about 3 weeks,considering he came September 28th and left October 24th.He couldn’t go out the ship because it would be really hard for him to breath and also because of the big change in the gravity and so.But that wasn’t really bad for us because we could have fun with Napasapa even though he was in the ship all the time.On the 10th of October Napasapa made a poll from which pandas had to decide weither they wanted a huge party,a slime bomb fight or an anti gravity catch with alot of pandas.After a week of voting all pandas decided the huge and cool party.It lasted from 15th of October until about 23rd of October.

Unfortunately on the 20th of October Napasapa allong with Max trying to fix the big plasma screen on the ship,considered that it doesn’t work and can’t be turned on.In fact Napasapa noticed that 2 days after the party the big plasma TV screen there wasn’t running.Pandas including Napasapa got very worried and on the same day(October 20th) Prof. Bookworm came to see the ship and found a shocking discovery-the battery of the TV screen including most of the cables were stuck in some sticky disgusting mix that had lots of junks and leftovers in it: pizzas,drinks,coffee,CDs and so many other stuff that the professor later undentified.Then Napasapa had to tell 2 truths,the 1st one being the fact he and Max put all the leftovers from the party in the TV ,considering it was a trash bin probably.It was quickly fixed and on the other day,October 21st it was working again!Before that Napasapa released the 2nd and very amazing truth-he had escaped to Panfu with his father’s spaceship without telling his mother and father!They now had been looking for him since 18 days and have been very worried about him.He just did it because he wanted to see (us) panda friends but his parents weren’t considering pretty much a trip to Panfu real soon,and he really wanted to see Panfu again-he hasn’t seen it since 3 years afterall!However on the 21st October Napasapa’s parents appeared on the big TV screen that appeared to be used as a comunicator,not only a TV as we were saying until now.They were very worried about him but also very happy to see him.For everyone’s surprise Napasapa was very happy to see them too and wanted to go home already.He started crying and immidietly wanted to go home to his planet,called Chiconahuiehecatl.

3.Napasapa’s Return to his Planet ”Chiconahuiehecatl”

Napasapa finaly wanted to go home to his planet(we are not going to repeat that long name again,just look it up),and we started collecting bottles of lemonade to fill his spaceship and send him back home.Now,you might be surprised and though we might be kidding when we said ”lemonade” but that is a true story.In the far 2008 in December we used lemonade to fill the aliens ship to travel to their planet and send them back.They haven’t got any gas or fuel,nor Panfu ever had that physical element.So actually the only drink there ever was,was ”lemonade”.We filled everything with lemonade and send them back then.And so we decided to use the same drink to send Napasapa back again to his planet,this year(2011) too.The lemonade was taken from a worker in the Panfu Disco.We needed 20 000 bottles of lemonade and he gave us about 5002 bottles every day.

For about 4-5 days we filled a big lemonade tank,that was placed on the Volcano where the ship actually landed.The tank had a diameter of about 3.5 metres and according to some calculations it weighed 50 tons,every lemonade bottle weights 2 kg(there are 20 000 bottles),and the tank itself was 10 tons,if we do the math:

2 kg x 20 000 lemonade bottles + 10 tons lemonade tank = 40 000 kg + 10 000 kg=50 000 kg or 50 tons.

The spaceship was a total of 500 tons and the tank that was implanted on the battery of the ship was about approximetily 10% of the mass of the spaceship….*And then after collecting the lemonade bottles Napasapa was send back to space.The only thing he left us for a memory of his visit was a green TV that had the diameteres of 15 inches x 8 inches and was something like the alien Napasapa in it waving all the time.It looked exactly like this:

It was a really nice visit and all of the Panfu pandas enjoyed it aswell.;D


9 Responses to “History”

  1. 1 lovely princess July 24, 2012 at 12:31 am

    what the fokin thing is that u little prick

    • 2 agjdf July 24, 2012 at 8:53 pm

      Hello there!I don’t know are you talking about.I made this page so that more pandas can learn about past times and also to test out my skills at science-fiction.There is nothing untrue in the stories on this page.:)


  2. 3 bruintjeislief August 5, 2012 at 1:08 am

    I love it ! There aren’t many pandas who are considered about the history of panfu anymore and you brought it all back! I also like the way you describe things. But to understand this you would have to be a first generation panda…. And there aren’t that many left of those.

  3. 4 bruintjeislief August 5, 2012 at 1:12 am

    I love it ^_^ saddly only old pandas can understand panfu’s history i miss all the memories panfu gave me and i hope many more pandas will have happy memories about panfu.

    • 5 agjdf August 6, 2012 at 2:53 pm

      Thank you!I play Panfu since 2008 and I still play it!I like the game.I don’t see many pandas like you,too.I never thought I even see someone like you actually comment seriously on my post.Sadly,I left out the page because I am a bit too busy.I should continue writing Panfu’s History as I remember it…
      My job is to tell pandas about Panfu History and teach them about it.I know a lot about Panfu and I am really dissapointed seeing pandas who don’t care about Panfu.I also like writing about the history of Panfu,because I am interested in it and it’s just so fun!I also work as an editor in the Panfu Wiki,and I have already edited many pages. 🙂


      • 6 bruintjeislief August 9, 2012 at 2:45 pm

        I am really glad you think so too 🙂 I am from the Dutch Panfu but i also have a English panfu account. I know allot about the history of Panfu too…But no one else in the Dutch Panfu is interested in it i did try to make them read it.. I even joined a fan blog about Panfu and wrote about it. I still have to learn a lot more about the history of Panfu but i`m sure i`ll know it someday. Mayby we could meet on the English Panfu , my account there is called: annepokopet

      • 7 agjdf August 9, 2012 at 6:03 pm

        I am from English Panfu,but I have an account in German Panfu.I know almost everything about Panfu history because I joined Panfu in November 2008 and I studied it a lot in those 4 years(they will actually turn 4 years in 3 months or so).
        I know how you feel!No one in English Panfu seems to be interested…
        I would really like to meet you on English Panfu,but I wonder how that can happen since we are probably in different time zones.I am 3 hours ahead of GMT – when it’s 1 AM GMT for example,it’s 4 AM where I am.
        My name on Panfu is ”agjdf” in both English and German versions. 🙂

      • 8 bruintjeislief August 11, 2012 at 12:54 pm

        Yeah it would be a problem.. Anyway i`ll continue to follow your panfu blog. I wish you good luck with your blog and the projects your working on … And have fun 😉

  4. 9 jnl fusion dvd reviews July 24, 2013 at 2:42 am

    Terrific paintings! This can be a sort of information to be contributed on the internet. Shame on bing because of ranking that distribute bigger! Can happen around as well as contact my site. Thanks a lot Equates to)

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